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"We work with the attitude that prevention is just as crucial as cure"

Support and Maintanance

If you are looking for a more planned and managed approach IT within your organisation, Our IT Support Plan is ideal. The IT Support Plan will result in significant cost savings to your organisation, both through reduced rates for IT services, through the elimination of recurring problems, and most importantly, through increased effectiveness of your network - allowing your staff to work more efficiently. All Business Support Plans consist of various phases;

Maxem is able to support and maintain systems and solutions that were developed by the third parties. It may be that your developed software solution or even the whole IT infrastructure requires maintenance and support.

Over the years we have listened to our clients, and we've determined that most small to medium businesses have the following needs when it comes to their I.T:

  • Fast response times when problems do occur
  • Fixed costs without surprise bills
  • Stability and Reliability
  • A real person on the phone when you need one Value for money

To give you all this we have created our Maxem Support packages. For a fixed monthly fee we will completely support your entire network with unlimited phone, email, chat and remote support. Plans can also include unlimited onsite support.

We work with the attitude that prevention is just as crucial as cure. We perform routine maintenance work on your IT infrastructure to ensure all machines are up to date, secure and running to their fully capacity, in turn driving your productivity and subsequently your profits. We also schedule regular visits where we come to you to speak to you in person about your IT needs.


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